hb3308 Santo Domingo Native American Necklace
Slab pendant inlaid with Turquoise, Jet, Apple Coral, Mother of Pearl overlay was made by Lupita Calabaza, Santo Domingo Native American artist. The necklace was made with red lip heishi shell, carved natural jasper, and red aventurine gemstone beads. Pendnat is 1 1/8 inches and the necklace is 18" long.
Bhfet300 Santo Domingo Indian Spiny Oyster Shell Inlay
Made by Santo Domingo Indian Charlotte Reano, the spiny oyster shell is inlaid with turquoise gemstone, jet and Mother of pearl. Red lip and pink luhuanusheishi shell beads with serpentine gemstone and silver plated beads and a bear, bird, fish and squirrel hand carved soapstone. Pendant is 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches. Necklace is 24 inches long.
hb-3313 Santo Domingo Heishi and Shell Inlay
Santo Domingo Indian Lupita Calabaza shell inlay with turquoise gemstone and sterling silver. Red aventurine and wood heishi, shell tear drops, and magnesite beads. 22"
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3cb10016 Out of Stock- Santo Domingo Necklace
Santo Domingo Native American traditional fetish necklace made by Santo Domingo Indian Corrine Ramirez. Has turquoise gemstone Eagle pendant (1 1/4 inches) with heishi shell and turquoise animal shapes including: a wolf, fox and bear. Necklace is 26 inches long.
hb-3309 Heishi Shell, Kingman Turquoise Bear
Heishi shell necklace with Kingman turquoise bear (Kingman Mine turquoise 1 1/2" x 3/4" block), and carved turquoise with coral and onyx gemstones. 22"
hb-33113 Santo Domingo Spiny Shell Inlay
Made by Native American Charlene Reano this unique spiny oyster shell is inlayed with a mosaic of various gemstones including turquoise, mother of pearl and jet. Reano is a San Felipe Pueblo Native American artist. Necklace includes turquoise gemstones, obsidian gemstones and yellow jade beads. Pendant is 1 7/8" long x 1 5/8" wide. Necklace is 20 inches long.
20-ch901 Red Lip Heishi Shell and Orange Jade Necklace
Beautiful necklace made with large red lip shell heishi beads and high quality orange jade beads. 22 inches. Shipping is free.