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Descriptions of Kachina Spirits

Old Man Kachina Spirit (Wuwuyamo): Old Man
kachina is an elder who comes to the clowns and
attempts to get people to right their wrongs.

Buffalo Maiden Dancer Kachina: The Buffalo
Maiden kachina is a dancer, not actually a kachina
spirit. The legend of the Buffalo Maiden comes
from the Plains Indians.

Blue Ahote Kachina Spirit: The Blue Ahote kachina
also was developed from Plains Indian influences.
He wears an eagle headdress like the Plains Indian
made of long feathers.

Humming Bird Kachina Spirit: Also called Tocha
Kachina, the Humming Bird Kachina well thought of
and favored by the tribes.

Road Runner Kachina Spirit: Also called the Hospoa
Kachina, he guards the people against witchcraft.

Eototo Kachina Spirit: Eototo kachina is
considered the chief kachina of all spirits. Also
called the father Kachina, he holds the power of a
village chief, only his power comes in the spirit

Aholi Kachina Spirit: Aholi kachina is the Lieutenant
of Eototo in the 3rd Mesa. Aholi is a spiritual
Crow Bride Kachina Spirit (Angwushahai-I): Crow
Bride kachina is also called the Crow Bride on the
3rd Mesa, but on the 1st and 2nd Mesa she is
called Crow Mother kachina. As the Crow Mother,
she is the mother of all kachinas.

Ogre Woman Kachina Spirit: Soyok Wuti kachina is
a First Mesa Kachina, where she is used to teach
tribal rules to children.

White Bear Kachina Spirit: The Bear kachina can
come in many colors, including yellow, black and
white. He is very powerful, a strong warrior and
can cure sickness.

Antelope Kachina Spirit: Also called Chop, the
Antelope kachina can bring rain to water the crops.

Kokopelli Kachina Spirit: Kokopelli kachina is a
hump-backed lover who plays a flute and tries to
lure young Indian Maidens.

Great Horned Owl Kachina Spirit: Also called
Mongwa, he is available at pueblo village dances to
knock sense into the kachina clowns.

Koshari Kachina Spirit: Also called Paiyakyamu, the
Koshari Hano clown is a glutton who overeats,
and goes over-board on everything. He is usually
shown eating watermellon.

Red Beard, Long Hair Kachina Spirit: Also called
Angak'china kachina they bring rain and all the
beautiful flowers. They are seen everywhere in
the Mesas and the Rio Grande.

Yellow Corn Maiden Kachina Spirit: Also called
Takus Mana kachina, she is seen at all the villlage
Kachina dances holding corn bowls. The Long Haired
Kachinas always appears in the dances with her.

White Ogre Kachina Spirit: Also called Wiharu, the
Ogre accompanies Black Ogre and Soyoko, called
Ogre Woman on her trip to get food from children
in the village.

Black Ogre Kachina Spirit: Also called Nata-aska,
the Black Ogre kachina carries a bow and
arrow and sometimes a knife or saw for hunting.
He has flapping jaws which are always clacking.

White Ogre Kachina Spirit: Also called Wiharu,
this Ogre carries a bow and arrow and sometimes a
knife or saw for hunting. He has flapping jaws
which are always clacking.

White Wolf Kachina Spirit: Also called Kweo,
White Wolf kachina is a powerful hunter who brings
food to the village. At the ceremonial dances he is
a side dancer who follows the Mountain Sheep
and Deer kachina dancers around in the Soyohim

Eagle Kachina Spirit: Also called the Kwahu, Eagle
kachina appears with the Mudhead kachina at
March night-time ceremonies.

Broad-faced Kachina Spirit: Also called
Wuyak-ku-ita, Broad-faced kachina is seen in the
Bean dance.

Sun Kachina Spirit: Called Tawa, the Sun kachina is
the spirit of the sun god. She is seen at most
dancers in the villages of the Pueblo.

Deer Dancer Kachina Spirit: Called the Sowi-ingwu,
he is seen in village Plaza dances with the
predatory Wolf Kachina.

White Bear Kachina Spirit: Called Hon, White Bear
is seen in Mixed dances and is said to be powerful
enough to cure illness of the people.

Eagle Dancer Kachina Spirit: Also called Kwa or
Kwahu, he can be seen in the Spring together with
Mudheads in the night ceremonies. Eagles are
believed to be very special in the Hopi tribe and
they try to duplicate the graceful wing motion in
the March Spring Kiva Dances.
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