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minib350-141 Out of Stock -- Mini Horse Driving Cart
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Driving cart for use with miniature horses. Easy to enter design with a vinyl covered foam padded seat and padded back rest. Color: Navy Blue. Measurements: Shaft length is 50".... Tires Measure 20" x 2.125".... Seat Measures 36" x 12" (inside).... Cart Frame Width is 29" Shipping is Free within the United States.
minib80-142 Temporarily Sold Out-- Miniature Horse Driving Harness- Complete
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Leather driving harness for miniature horses. Has everything except the driving bit. Shipping is Free.
Driving Bit For Miniature Horses
Complete Driving Harness Kit
For Miniature Horses
Driving Cart For
Miniature Horses
minib10-140 Miniature Horse Driving Bit- 3 3/4"
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Half cheek driving bit for a miniature horse, size 3 3/4 inches. Great for driving a cart. Shipping is Free.
Miniature Horse Driving Cart
Shipping is Free
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Miniature Horse Cart and Harness