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"Guardian of Spider Rock"
by Mark Silversmith, Navajo
bp309 Out of Stock -- "Pottery Keeper" by R.C. Gorman
The "Pottery Keeper" is one of the best prints by the famous Navajo painter, R.C. Gorman. It is in a dark walnut frame, matted. 30 inches x 25 inches. Shipping is Free.
bp305 Out of Stock "Flute Player" a Giclee Print by Stephen Mopope
"Flute Player" is by well known Kiowa Native American, Stephen Mopope. It is a Giclee Print in a matted, glass and walnut frame. 25 inches x 20 inches. Shipping is Free.
bp3013 Out of Stock -- "Quiet Season" Large, Framed
"Ouiet Season" is an offset print in a limited edition of 30, by Sheila Hill, Navajo artist. Walnut framed and 32 inches x 25 inches. Shipping is Free.
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Native American Oil or Water Painting Fine Art Prints p5
Signed, limited edition prints, giclee or lithograph
Shipping is Free
bpna126667 Out of Stock -- Guardian of Spider Rock- Large Framed and Matted
This is
with a
Magnificent, powder blue matted and framed print by Navajo Native American artist, Mark Silversmith. It is a painting of the actual Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation. Frame is genuine step oak wood. 38 inches x 28 inches. Free Shipping.
Mark Silversmith's Guardian of Spider Rock
Spider Rock is a natural geologic
formation that rises nearly 800 feet high
in the Canyon de Chelly National
Monument (Arizona).
The Navajo have numerous legends
associated with Spider Rock which is
located on the Navajo Reservation.

They surround "Spider Woman" or
Na'ashje'ii Asdzaa, a mysterious secret
Navajo being, who part of the Creation
(You may purchase it below)
bpc121 Out of Stock -- "Cherokee Heritage" Large Framed and Matted Print by Renowned Cherokee Artist Donald Vann
Called "Cherokee Heritage," this stirring print was painted by the world renowned painter Donald Vann, a full blood Cherokee. It depicts a large group of Cherokee traveling together. 30" x 20". The frame is light walnut wood and the matt is a blue sky color. Shipping is Free.
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Famous Hopi Artist
Neil David Sr.
"Home Dance Maidens."
14na908 Framed, Matted and Signed Lithograph By Neil David Sr.
A limited edition lithograph by Neil David Sr. called "Home Dance Maidens" is matted and framed. A famous Hopi artist David signed this beautiful work of art. 18" X 14". Shipping is Free.
All of Our Artisans Are Descendants
From Native American Apache,
Cherokee, Pueblo, and Mohawk
Indians. Most are on tribal rolls.