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pb-3001 Handmade Etched Navajo Vase- Signed
Beautiful, etched (engraved) Navajo vase has Native American designs engraved into the clay on all sides. It has two etched Kokopellis surrounded by additional etched Navajo designs. This wedding vase is signed "L. Watchman" by well-known Navajo artist Loretta Watchman. Size: 7 7/8 inches tall by 8 1/4 inches wide. **
pb-30011 Out of Stock -- Navajo Etched Vase- Famous J. Hayes
This beautifully etched traditional wedding vase was handmade and signed by the Navajo pottery maker J. Hayes. The etched designs are in Navajo symbols and the colors are dark and light browns and greens. Approximately 5 in. tall, and 6 in. diameter across the bottom.
pb-3010 Out of Stock --- Navajo Wedding Vase- Etched- Signed
This etched Navajo wedding vase has a Zuni lightning bear on the front and back. It is signed by Navajo artist Lorenia Watchman. 8 1/2 x 6 inches.
kb-2012 Out of Stock --- Signed Navajo Horsehair Kokopelli Statue
Horsehair Kokopelli Ceramic Pottery was made and signed by Shirley Smith, the Navajo Native American artist. Each statue has an original horsehair design and is etched in white. Horsehair Pottery is very popular in the Navajo tribal area. The process of adding horse hair designs to pottery involves sprinkling a small amount of horsehair onto the piece sometime during the process of baking to create unpredictable, beautiful random patterns in the finished piece. The Navajo story behind the Kokopelli: He was the original journalist, bringing news from one village to the next, playing his flute to let people know he was coming in peace. His wandering nature personified him as a mischievous rogue; a Casanova. Signed, free shipping. 8 inches tall.
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