INDIAN JEWELRY MAKERS: What They Mean In American Indian Culture

Indian Bears:
In Native American beliefs the bear symbolizes physical strength, leadership and is known as the
"first helper".

Indian Bear Paws:
In Native American beliefs the bear paw is usually considered a way of call for the power of the
animal spirit, or as an indication of the presence of the spirit. It’s a symbol represents inner

Indian Feathers:
They are symbols of prayers, marks of honor or sources of ideas. They represent the Creative Force.

Indian Kokopelli:
The Kokopelli is a common fertility symbol throughout the Southwest. In Native American beliefs
the kokopelli is a fertility symbol, visiting various communities, bringing fertility to women drawn to
the tones of his flute playing. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and
agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.
Indian Eagle Symbol:
In Native American beliefs, the eagle is the master of the sky; he is considered to be a carrier of
prayers.  Many of the Indian Nations admire the eagle for bravery and special connections to the

Indian Buffalo:
Is thought to be a great spiritual protector, bringing nurishment to the body and soul. When a white
or albino Buffalo is born, it is thought to bring peace among nations.

Indian Dream Catcher
The dream catcher's web cause bad dreams to get tangled, preventing them from passing into
dreamtime. The good dreams slip through the center.  In the morning sunlight purifies the web of bad

Indian Arrowhead:
Arrowhead is thought to represent the hunter and symbolizes the adventurer in each of us.

Zuni Indian Bear:
The Zuni Indian Bear symbolizes the most powerful animal who is a Guardian of the Earth. Native
Americans believe if you place a small amount of corn meal under the nose of a Zuni Bear image when
you leave your home to protect it while away. Its strength are passed on to the owner. The heart-line
is an arrow going from its head to the heart shows the Indian warrior's heart is strong like the bears.


Coral is known to be very soothing and very protective. It is of an organic origin, being the skeletal
remains of marine animals called Coral Polyps. Colonies of these tiny creatures build branching
structures as they grow, gradually forming reefs and atolls.

It is believed that turquoise tends to bring good fortune, strength and helps overcome illness.
Turquoise got its name from the Levantine traders called Turks who brought the stone to Europe
from Persia via Turkey centuries ago.
Native Americans have prized turquoise since the time of the Aztecs, who mined it in New Mexico.
The natural variations that occur in turquoise are part of their appeal and beauty.

A gemstone, ruby is thought to speed the healing of body, mind and spirit. It is believed to aid in
psychic development while it energizes. It’s a good stone for just about everyone.

Lapis is the perfect stone for wisdom and fortitude. It is also believed to be an excellent stone for
decision makers. It helps increase psychic ability.

Most people know Opal for it's distinctive play of color, it is semi-transparent solidified mineral
composed of silicon and water, and it gets its name from the Latin word "Oplus" meaning precious
stone. Opal is October’s birthstone. It is believed to release self-consciousness allowing spontaneous
action, and awakens one’s psychic and mystical qualities.

It is a semi-precious gemstone, and it is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. Onyx is also known to be
a calming stone. Native Americans believe it collects negative energy from you while wearing it.

It is famous for its radial banding and deep green color.  Popular today for use in Southwestern
Indian jewelry, malachite was also popular in the past with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and
Romans.  It was worn as a good luck charm to keep away danger and illness.  It is believed to balance
and stabilize ones emotions.

Also called Tigers eye or Tiger eye is a chatoyant gemstone. Tiger Eye stone contains a golden yellow
reflection on a brown ground color.  The most important source of tiger eye is South Africa, but it is
also found in California.  Native American Indians believe it conveys courage and protection.

Pearls are known to stabilize and balance emotions.  They are believed to help your body in using
calcium better.  For Native Americans pearls are full of purity and integrity.  

A mineral mined in the U.S., rhodochrosite is known to strengthen self- identity; helps heal deep
emotional trauma and balances with a loving vibration.

It is an organic gemstone which was highly popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. It has been
traditionally fashioned into rosaries for monks. In the U.S. long necklaces of jet beads were very
popular during the 1920s, or Roaring Twenties, when women and young flappers would wear multiple
strands of jet beads stretching from the neckline to the waistline. Today it is used to beautify
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