All of Our Artisans Are
Descendants From Native
American Apache,
Cherokee, Pueblo, and
Mohawk Indians. Most are
on tribal roles.
Cherokee Indian and Styled Necklaces Page 1
12cb107 Cherokee Style Seed Bead Gemstone Turtle Necklace
Traditional seed bead (3mm) Cherokee style (with plains influence) necklace with a handcarved gemstone turtle and black, blue, turquoise and white seed beads. Necklace is 22 inches long with a silver lobster clasp. Shipping is free.
cheror126 Hand Painted Deer Pendant Leather Necklace
Ancient Native American art from Mimbres Indian symbol hand painted on hardened clay. The deer pendant is 1 1/2 inches diameter and 1/4 inch deep with a leather cord, silver clasp and extender chain. 22"
chero8925 Large Silver Kokopelli on Turquoise Gemstone Necklace
This beautiful 2 inch sterling silver kokopelli pendant is inlaid with turquoise gemstone on a 24 necklace made of large turquoise gemstone nuggets with 6mm round beads. Has silver beads and a silver clasp. Shipping is free.
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sb509 Multi-gemstone Heart Necklace
This colorful necklace was created by Cherokee Sophia Butterfield using red coral, turquoise, "Crazy Horse" jasper gemstone and crystal beads. It is graced by a turquoise gemstone heart pendant. 18 inches long. Shipping is free.
sb520 Coral, Turquoise and Crazy Horse Bead Necklace
Large red coral and turquoise beads accentuate this necklace and the beautiful design includes "Crazy Horse" and pink quartz beads with a leaf pendant. 16" long. Shipping is free.
sb521 Carnelian, Coral Gecko Necklace
Red ocean coral and a beautiful gecko design stand out on this beautifully designed necklace made by Cherokee Sophia Butterfield make this necklace priceless. The necklace has onyx "Crazy Horse" and turquoise gemstone beads and nuggets. It also has pink quartz and green aventurine gemstone (natural) beads. 16" long. Shipping is free.
sb522 Gemstone Heart Necklace
Red ocean coral nuggets, turquoise, onyx and "Crazy Horse" gemstone beads hold a large, heart pendant which has an inlay of many gemstones.It is 16" long and Shipping is free.
sb510 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Silver Gemstone Necklace
Created by Cherokee Sophia Butterfield this priceless necklace has the rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise directly from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine located in Globe, Arizona. The mine is considered to be one of the most important American Turquoise mines in the world. It also has silver, black onyx, turquoise and "Crazy Horse" gemstone beads, as well as black hand-cut hairpipe bone beads. The pendant is made from turquoise gemstone and silver. 17 inches long. Shipping is free.
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