indian jewelry
Gemstone Indian Style Necklaces Page 1
gr102 Turquoise Necklace
Lavender bead necklace with turquoise dyed beads, silver accents. Toggle clasp. 18 inches.
gr104 Out of Stock Necklace
Beads and silver. Magnetic clasp. 17 inches.
gr109 Gemstones and Silver
Gemstone necklace with silver bead caps. 17"
indian jewelry
All of Our Artisans Are
Descendants From Native
American Apache,
Cherokee, Pueblo, and
Mohawk Indians. Most Are
On Tribal Roles.
All Jewelry is Handcrafted
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gb-311009 Multiple Gemstone Nugget Necklace
Necklace with large picture jasper teardrop and multiple large gemstone nuggets including jasper, serpentine, aventurine and quartz gemstones. Has red jasper beads and gold plated spacer beads. Barrel clasp. 22 inches long.
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rg-29908 Turquoise Gemstone Necklace With Silver and Amber
Turquoise gemstone nuggets and amber beads with silver bead caps. Toggle clasp. 20 inches long.
13b408 Hoop Necklace-Turquoise Magnesite Gemstones
Hoop necklace made of turquoise magnesite gemstones with silver-finished brass and acrylic spacers. 18 inches with barrel clasp.
20-bnk815 Pink Quartz Silver Feather Necklace
This gorgeous necklace has pink quartz gemstone beads with small pink glass beads and sterling silver feathers and silver lobster clasp. 18 inches long.