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kb-3096 Navajo Koshare Clown Kachina-Signed
Hand carved by Felix Begay, a well known kachina maker, from wood with leather kilt, clout, arm & leg ties, medicine bag and tassels. It is holding a slice of watermelon in one hand with the rest of the melon above its head. 10 3/4 inches
kb-3089 Out of Stock- Navajo Koshare
Seated Koshare Clown Kachina Doll, handmade and signed by Navajo artist Felix Begay Navajo. Carved from wood with leather kilt, clout, arm & leg ties, medicine bag and tassels. It is eating a watermelon with a spoon. 8 1/4 inches.
kb-3072 Out of Stock Sunface Kachina- Signed
Sunface Kachina is a handmade and signed wooden Kachina by well known Navajo artist Begay. Impressive, large, and beautifully decorated with feathers, fur, and leather. The sunface represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, playfulness for the young. 13.75 inches and 8 inches wide. Shipping is free.
kb-3098 Hopi Made Koshari Clown Kachina- Signed
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Hopi Clown Kachina hand carved and signed by Loren David, Hopi Native American. Koshari or Koyala is the name of a Rio Grande clown that is often seen on the Hopi Mesas. The Hopis very frequently call this clown the Hano or Tewa clown as the Tewa of that village seem to have introduced this personage to the Hopi mesas. These clowns are considered to be the fathers of the kachinas. They behave in the usual manner of pueblo clowns, engaging in loud and boisterous conversation, immoderate actions, and gluttony. Made of cottonwood root it stands 11.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.
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Out of Stock kb-30444 Navajo Priest Killer Kachina- Signed
The Priest Killer Kachina was handmade and signed by Begay, the Navajo Kachina artist. The kachina is holding a long knife in one hand, and he's got a priest's head in the other hand. His outfit is made of a black-colored suede leather. There is a black fur ruff around his neck, down the chest, and over the shoulders and around the back. The Native American legend about the Priest Killer Kachina Spirit is that he carried out the beheading of a priest during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The pueblo Inidans of New Mexico and Arizona revolted against the Catholic Church in order to retain and have the freedom of practicing their own religion.