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Handcrafted Kachina Dolls: Native American and Styled Page 8
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Out of Stock kb-3057 Navajo Kokopelli Kachina Doll- Signed
The Navajo Kokopelli kachina doll is handmade by Riyfltthers, a Navajo artist who carves his Kachinas with love in the traditional way. It is signed with the artist's name and tribal registration number. Riyfltthers makes kachinas in the old style as opposed to today's style of having the head of the Kokopelli with 4 protrusions. ----- The Kokopelli is the spirit that brought news from village to village. He also has a component of fertility as well as humor. ----- Made of cottonwood root, and is awesomely hand painted. It has a feathers on the top of its head and other details including suede arm guards, fringes, and leggings, many small turquoise chips, silver concho, and a small pouch. Made of cottonroot the Kachina is 12" tall.
Koshare Clowns
Have Long Been A
Source Of Humor in
the Southwestern
Tribes. They are
Jesters or
12kb103 Road Runner Kachina
Road Runner Kachina made and signed by Navajo kachina artist (M.C.) and represents the power to ask the gods to bring rain and to protect peoples homes by warding off witchcraft curses. 7.5 inches tall. Shipping is free.
kb-3007 Sun Tawa Kachina
Not Native
American Made
Sun Tawa Kachina doll was handmade by Sallbell. She handmade the face and hands of polymer clay and painted designs on fabric pants. Includes feathers. The Sun Tawa is both feared and loved and is the symbol for truth. 10 x 13 inches.
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nav-koshare909 Koshare Clown by Virgil Wood
Made of hand carved cotton wood, this amazing koshare clown depicts the sheep herding life many Navajo still follow. 7. Free Shipping.